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Steel Lintels Ireland Ltd. was formed solely to focus on Catnic lintel sales in Ireland. Our primary objective is to deliver the highest quality standard & special lintels at the most competitive prices.
All our lintels comply with current legalisation and satisfy building control requirements.

Why Catnic Lintels?

Catnic has pioneered the steel lintel for more than three generations and designs, manufactures and supplies the construction industry with technically superior products.

Catnic was the first to:
  • To develop the steel lintel in the UK and the first to gain BBA Approval
  • To gain both BBA Approval and the coveted Kitemark to BS 5977
  • Manufacturer to employ the revolutionary two-part corrosion protection system on its lintel as a standard offering
  • To incorporate a built-in Damp Proof Course into its lintels
  • To provide a built-in plaster key

Far from just leading, Catnic in fact has worked over the years with the BSI to establish the standards for lintels in this country and continues to develop and invest in improving on these standards with its extensive range of products and unique features.

Selecting Lintels

Catnic Lintels
When selecting lintels you need to consider, the wall construction, the length of lintel required and the load to be applied on the lintel. Once you have established these, you will be able to choose the correct lintel for your job.
Please view the Lintel Product Selector Brochure' from Catnic for more details.

  • Open Back Lintels
  • Timber Frame Lintels
  • External Solid Wall Lintels
  • Internal Wall Lintels

Cavity Wall

If the construction is a cavity wall, see the Open Back lintel section on page 18 - 26 of the Lintel Product Selector Brochure. You will need to know the cavity wall dimensions to choose the correct lintel:

  • the external leaf dimension
  • the cavity dimension including insulation
  • the internal leaf dimension

Timber Frame

For timber frame constructions, you need to know:

  • the external leaf dimension
  • cavity dimension
Once you have these dimensions, please refer to the Timber Frame lintels section on pages 34 - 35.

External Solid Wall

There are three forms of lintel for external solid walls:

  • single element lintels for a single leaf of brickwork
  • two-piece lintels shaped to carry the two separate leaves of a 215mm fair face brick wall
  • box profile lintels which have a toe for use in solid brick or block walls from 200mm – 215mm thick
Lintels suitable for use in external solid wall constructions can be found on pages 36 - 37.

Internal Walls

Lintels for internal partitions and load bearing walls come in three styles:

  • corrugated lintels for nonload bearing applications
  • channel section lintels for loadings involving blockwork and floor joists
  • box profile lintels for heavier loads including point loads and wider openings.
These lintels are featured on pages 41 - 43.


“Steel Lintels Ireland Ltd are a professional and efficient company who supply all types of steel lintels. Their knowledge of the construction industry and cost effective products ensures a quality product at the right price.”

Cathal Grant – CGDM