Steel Lintel Products

At Steel Lintels Ireland Limted we have a wide variation of Catnic lintels in stock. We can supply Catnic lintels to suit any size, shape, length, breadth and depth of doorway, archway, window or aperture, there is literally over 10,000 variations available to choose from.

Our full range of standard lintels can be browsed from Catnics official website. Steel Lintels Ireland Limited can not accept responsibility or liability for incorrect information that may be displayed from the official Catnic website.
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Special Lintels

Special lintels are designed in house by Steel Lintels Ireland Ltd. For complete protection from corrosion and to eliminate the need for on-site painting or maintenance, our special fabricated lintels are hot-dip galvanised after manufacture.

Please contact us for a special lintel quotation.

Angle Corner Lintel

Angle Corner Lintels are constructed so they have a returned at roof pitch. They are a combination of a corner & apex lintel and are typically used in sunrooms with vaulted ceilings.
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Semi Circular Arch Lintel

The semi-circular arch lintel is the most common feature brickwork opening providing a classical design line for any window or door. Catnic have 10 different size semi-circular arch lintels available from stock.
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Gothic Arch Lintel

The gothic arch enables the creation of pointed window and door openings to complement strong vertical lines, high vaulted ceilings, minimal wall space and buttressed walls. Gothic or pointed arches are formed from two segmental arches leaning together to form a point. Enquiry Form >>

Segmental Arch Lintel

The segmental arch lintel enables the creation of an opening where the arch whose profile comprises an arc smaller than a semicircle. The segmental arch is made up of part of a circle, the centre of which is below its springing line.
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Bulls Eye Lintel

The bulls-eye lintel enables the creation of circular window openings and portholes.
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Curved on Plan Lintel

The curved on plan lintel (sometimes known as radius lintel or bow lintel) enables the creation of curved walls with openings. Curved lintels can be manufactured to suit customer specified radii.
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Square Bay Lintel

The square bay lintel uses perpendicular returns (90º angle) compared to the splayed bay lintel (greater than 90º angle) to create a window opening with three aspects. Square bay lintels come complete with support posts and base plate.
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Apex Arch Lintel

The apex lintel enables the creation of triangular or diamond shaped openings. Commonly used with high vaulted ceilings enhancing the flood of daylight and perception of grandeur.
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Elliptical Arch Lintel

The elliptical arch lintel enables the creation of a wider, shallower arch opening. The elliptical arch is formed by multiple arcs each of which is drawn from its own centre compared to a roman arch which is a semicircular arc drawn from a single centre point.
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Parabolic Arch Lintel

The parabolic arch offers an artistically distinctive softer curvature than the traditional, elliptical or gothic arch. The parabolic arch is formed by the creation of an arch in the form of the intersection of a cone with a plane parallel to the side of the cone, like a threecentred arch.
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Heavy Duty Lintel

The Heavy Duty Lintels are designed to carry heavy loads and support longer spans. These lintels will enable proper support for floor or roof loads.
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Corner Lintel

The mitre and welded corner lintel enables the appearance of an unspoiled window openings on two perpendicular walls of a room. Corner lintels come complete with support posts (spigot post) and base plate. Standard size post are available and can be cut as required.
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Sunlounge Lintel

Steel Lintels Ireland can design and manufacture special sunlouge lintels. We can design the lintels to suit customers specifications, this example shows a five sided sunlounge lintel.
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Splayed Bay Lintel

The splayed bay lintel projects the wall forward from the confines of the rest of the room. Splayed bay lintels come complete with support posts (spigot post) and base plate. Support posts are available in standard lengths to allow for site cutting to actual requirements.
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