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A collaborative approach with Woodvale Construction  helped deliver a top quality primary school for Omagh Integrated Primary School…


Woodvale Construction


Special & Standard Lintels

Fully operational since September 2018, Omagh Integrated Primary School is a single-storey, 14-classroom school is bright, welcoming and modern, featuring all the mod cons required in today’s digital age.

An collaborative approach to the job was adopted from the beginning. The client was very much involved in the project from the outset. Woodvale worked very closely with Steel Lintels Ireland and with the rest of the sub- contractors to ensure the project was completed to the very highest standards.

From Woodvale Construction

Steel Lintels Ireland Ltd specified and supplied Catnic lintels to this prestigious project. The company’s technical team reviewed the architectural and structural drawings and specified the lintels to suit the applied load and wall construction.

Catnic lintels offer many benefits to specifiers and builders through their design, thermal efficiency and corrosion protection. The Catnic lintels were supplied on time, ensuring that the build programme was met. “It was a pleasure for Steel Lintels Ireland Ltd and Catnic to work with Woodvale Construction on this project,” said Barney McConville.

Special Lintels

Semi-Circular Arch Lintel used

Standard Lintels

Standard & Corner Lintels